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A look into the life and path of the 25 year old Self-Realization Fellowship monk and veteran surfer of the legandry break at Swamis' Beach in Southern California. Taking vows of simplicity, chastity, obedience, and loyalty at the age of twenty-four, in the ancient lineage of Swamis from India, was only the beginning.


A short profile film looking into both the personal and professional life of a man who has dedicated his career to helping people who have suffered catastrophic injuries in New York City.

Episode IV

A short film-style action based piece featuring the esteemed stunt duo of Marc Canonizado and Noah Garret. Considered to be more of a 'reel fight/previs', but this sparked a new wave of scripts and collaboration in its wake- expect a lot more where this came from.Special thanks to Todd Mount as well, we all enjoyed having him on the team.


A sixty second commercial for a Model-S. Produced for Crisp Video Group's referral partner program where they gave away this very car at an event in Las Vegas. Had a lot of great experiences working with their team for a couple years in Atlanta, these guys are making strides and doing big things.. like giving away cars to their clients. Who does that?!

Broussard & Hart

A short film profile piece exploring the professional impact of Steven Broussard, who servered as the Ward 4 Sulphur City Court Judge for 18 years, his son Aaron and partner Randall Hart. For more than three decades, their efforts have been focused on fighting for victims in Louisiana courts when justice must be paid.


A short-form event recap produced for the leading online legal services provider during their Lawyernomics conference in Las Vegas. While their rating system of lawyers has been criticized and inspired some controversy, it is more often than not highly endorsed for providing 'at least some measure of transparency' in the legal profession. This is a glimpse into the experience of attending their annual conference.

Buster Halterman

When asked the question, 'What's your fuel?', how would you respond? This veteran skateboarder had a few words for us on the subject. Back in the 1980s he'd serve up a front-side boneless that would make you cheer. Later in life he went from competing in skate contests to judging them and now he's moved on to something you may have never expected, grease. The 40 year old skater turned entrepreneur is the founder and CEO of the firm aptly named Buster Biofuels. This is a behind the scenes look.

Pacific Workers'

For nearly a century, millions of workers have endured punishing jobs from construction to professional sports—jobs with high levels of work-related disability and injury. As a tradeoff for the dangers, they’ve had the assurance of workers’ comp if injured on the job. But employers don't always do the right thing when accidents happen, thats when PWC steps in. They're the last people you want fighting against your company- they don't stop until justice is served.

Schiller & Hamilton

When a highway accident or serious injury leads to the loss or disability of someone, many people are left with an abundance of anger, stress and confusion- it can be terrifying. This short film profile piece was created as an outreach to those victims in the South Carolina area.


From time to time, I get approached by small businesses who have a HD chulk-full of internal content and need help designing a creative solution for their marketing team that not only represents their brand, but attains their vision. While this can be extremely challenging on a lot of different levels, I often find myself enjoying it a lot more than I probably should.